Universidade de Vigo

Group of Neurological Science (University of Vigo)


The Laboratory of Neuroscience was founded at the University of Vigo by Dr. Lamas in 1997. We first settled a Patch-Clamp setup to work with sympathetic neurons in culture, and later another setup to work with anaesthetized rodents was also implemented (extra- and intracellular recording). More recently, we established a new patch-clamp rig for slice recording.

Currently, we use mainly electrophysiology, but also RT-PCR, RT-qPCR and immunocytochemical techniques to understand how ion channels modulate neuronal behavior. Ion channel dysfunction is the origin of a group of clinically relevant diseases called channelopathies, so that their study may be important to understand some types of epilepsy, cancer, Alzheimer, cardiac arrhythmia…

Our group belongs to the Spanish Ion Channel Network (RECI: Red Española de Canales Iónicos), and is also part of the Spanish Ion Channel Initiative (SICI), a consortium funded by the Spanish Research Council (CONSOLIDER-INGENIO).